Sliding Pad

Type Features
Contact Type Metal plate with PTFE bonded on its one side
Insert Type More force is required to slide than lift a load
Grip Type Good adaptability against high load and heat deformation and easy to exchange PTFE sheet
Shoe · Use for the dram located between mon-structures or support plate with U-bolt
· Easy to install and demount
  • · Bridge - Piers of high level load and iron bridge,bridges
  • · Building - Expansion joints of structures, high building
  • · Constructs - Supports of chemical plant, structures on the sea, pipeline
  • · Industry - Slide bearing pads of Large machine or ship manufacturing
  • - Enhancement of the durability against the crack torsion of facilities.
  • · Requires no lubrication or maintenance for the life of the sliding
  • · Excellent weather resistance from outdoor exposure the sliding
  • · Operable under low temperature caused to corrosion of metal because of chemical resistance
  • · Anti-stick of PTFE incorporated on sliding pad is very low, therefore there is no need of considering the limitation of wear in design.
  • PTFE, PTFE + Filler